Allow 10-15 business days for delivery. While there has been much discussion about all of these extensions, none are in any official planning stage. Several adjustments were made to shift the availability of passes from paper tickets to SmarTrip cards in 2012 and 2013. Jackson Graham, a retired general in the Army Corps of Engineers who supervised the planning and initial construction of the Metrorail system, was the first general manager. In Person. The cost of Metrobus is allocated under a formula which considers the excess of expenses over revenues from specific bus routes. With information compiled from WAMU, WMATA, The Washington Post, and author Zachary M. Schrag’s research, get a quick look at the history of … How about the music? This new and stricter policy came after investigations of several mass-transit accidents in the U.S. found that operators were texting at the time of the accident. In order to deal with the high number of passengers in transfer stations, Metro is studying the possibility of building pedestrian connections between nearby core transfer stations. Select Yellow Line trains running south diverted along the Blue Line to Franconia–Springfield (as opposed to the normal Yellow line terminus at Huntington). Metro is the second-busiest rapid transit system in the United States, and fifth-busiest in North America, in number of passenger trips, after the New York City Subway. No Member individually shall direct or supervise the General Manager or any WMATA employee or contractor. [96], Metrorail's newest line was given the color silver. Your order will be shipped via the U.S. [143] This was completed in early December 2015 when the last paper farecard was sold. [118], A Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) was installed in all Metrorail stations in 2000. [216], Rapid transit system of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Members of international metro organizations, Customer Services, Operations, and Safety Committee, ". WMATA has its own police force, the Metro Transit Police Department. [173][174] One of the dead was the operator of the train that collided with the stopped train. Alternatively, the Blue Line would have been extended east past Largo Town Center to Bowie. Native As Manager", "Veteran Transit Executive John B. Catoe, Jr. appointed Metro's next general manager", "General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Wiedefeld", "SmarTrip users to gain added benefit when transferring", "Semiannual Report to the Board of Directors No. Canopy over entrance to L'Enfant Plaza (opened 1977) echoes the arched ceiling underground. The policy change was announced the day after a passenger of a Metro train videotaped the operator texting while operating the train. [80] The Farragut pedestrian tunnel has yet to be physically implemented, but was added in virtual form effective October 28, 2011. In response, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have increased their SSO funding and training for their employees responsible for safety oversight at metro.[50]. [136], Users can add value to any farecard. The announcement cited the key role of Weese, who conceived and implemented a "common design kit-of-parts", which continues to guide the construction of new Metro stations over a quarter-century later, albeit with designs modified slightly for cost reasons. WMATA broke ground for its train system in 1969. Descriptive keyword for an Organization (e.g. The train operator was dismissed and Metro officials agreed to add rollback protection to more than 300 rail cars.[170]. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation found that the crash was a result of a failure in the train's computer-controlled braking system. “Whether WMATA has an easement, fee simple ownership, or some other form of property interest entitling it to possession of the WMATA System, the WMATA Compact grants it … Opened in 1976, the network now includes six lines, 91 stations, and 117 miles (188 km) of route. Recent projects include an extension of Metrorail to Dulles Airport, streetcar lines in the District and northern Virginia, and light rail in suburban Maryland. Metro's zero tolerance policy on food, trash and other sources of disorder embodies the "broken windows" philosophy of crime reduction. The line runs in Fairfax County and Arlington County, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Prince George's County, Maryland, United States.The Silver Line currently runs from Wiehle–Reston East in Virginia to Largo Town Center in Maryland. Learn more about our proposed service changes and provide your feedback. Safety officials estimated that had the train been full, at least 79 people would have died. Metro fares vary based on the distance traveled and the time of day at entry. [8]:3[39], On December 31, 2006, an 18-month pilot program began to extend service on the Yellow Line to Fort Totten over existing Green Line trackage. The plan is funded by the $3 billion from the 2008 Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and increased funding from the participating jurisdictions. wmata 3a annandale. On June 22, 2009, at 5:02 pm, two trains on the Red Line collided. [98], In recent years, WMATA has drawn criticism for a neglect of safety in both its rail and bus systems. [17][18] After months of negotiation with Chalk failed to produce an agreed price, on January 14, 1973, WMATA condemned DC Transit and its sister company, the Washington, Virginia and Maryland Coach Company and acquired their assets for $38.2 million. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Bulk Sales 3301 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria, VA 22314. [27], In 2009, WMATA issued two new series of municipal bonds bringing its total outstanding bonds to $390.9 million, as of June 30, 2010. A 3-Day Unlimited Pass for $28.00, valid for three consecutive days of unlimited Metrorail and Metrobus travel. [74], Metro offers parking for commuters at 44 Metrorail stations. [208][210], The Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) is a proposed 15-mile (24 km) bus rapid transit line that would link Clarksburg, Maryland, in northern Montgomery County with the Shady Grove station on the Red Line. [86] An amendment to the Metro's Compact on August 19, 2009, added the requirement for payments "from dedicated funding sources" by the Compact's participating jurisdictions. The NTSB recommended that Metro grant train operators the ability to manually control the braking system, even in inclement weather, and recommended that Metro prohibit parked rail cars on tracks used by incoming outbound trains. [47], The General Manager is the chief executive officer of WMATA and leads all staff except that the General Counsel, Inspector General and Board Secretary, who report directly to the board. With their heavy use of exposed concrete and repetitive design motifs, Metro stations display aspects of Brutalist design. Trains were single-tracking at the time, and the derailment of the fifth car occurred where the train was switching from the south to northbound track. The Blue and Yellow Lines south of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport station would be closed from May to September 2019, in what would be the longest line closure in Metro's history. It never operated exactly on that schedule but the hours did expand, sometimes beyond that. Weese worked with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based lighting designer Bill Lam on the indirect lighting used throughout the system. Reviews from WMATA employees about working as a Custodian at WMATA. Kronos® webTA™ helps support the public sector and U.S. federal government’s efficiency directives with enhanced transparency and collaboration in the collection, validation, security, and delivery of workforce information. Each jurisdiction also appoints two alternate representatives. Know your rights", "Council Overrides Mayoral Veto; Fare Evasion Soon A $50 Civil Fine", "Metro Transit Police to begin bag inspection program", "Metro Transit's Top Cop Discusses New Search Policy", "Bruce Schneier Talks Metro Bag Searches", "Discussion Overdue On Metrorail's Bag-Search Policy", "Metro bag inspections cause minor customer annoyances", "Groups Launch Petition Against Metro Bag Searches", Federal officials will assume responsibility for Metro safety - The Washington Post, "Railroad Accident Report: Collision of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Train T-111 with Standing Train at Shady Grove Passenger Station, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 6, 1996", "20 Injured in Crash of 2 Red Line Trains", "Dozing Operator Blamed in Rail Accident", "Metro: Train operator not using cell phone", "9 Killed, 76 Injured in Deadliest Disaster in Metro History", "Two six-car trains collide inside Metro rail yard", "Green Line Metro Train Derails; at Least 18 Hurt", "Federal Investigators Question Metro's Safety", "Metro Train Derails, Causing Major Delays", "Metro Says Operator Wasn't First to Detect Derailment", "D.C. Metro train derails at Farragut North", "Railroad Accident Brief, Accident DCA-10-FR-004", "Metro delayed after Rosslyn derailment; no injuries reported", "Investigators identify heat kink as probable cause of Friday derailment", "Cause of last week's Metro derailment had been detected in early July", "Portions of Orange and Silver lines to remain closed following Metro derailment", "Metro: 6-car train derails at Alexandria Yard; no passengers on-board", "New Metro Train Derails in Downtown DC With 63 Passengers on Board", "Washington Metro Train Operators Caught Texting Will Be Fired", "1 dead after smoke shuts down D.C. metro station", "All Metrorail service will be suspended Wednesday, March 16, for emergency inspections", "Metro details improvements to meet future capacity needs", "Silver Line To Dulles Wins Crucial Federal Okay", "Metro announces Silver Line opening date: Rail service to begin at noon Saturday, July 26", "Metro sets fare hikes, bus cuts in budget — with coronavirus caveat", "Metro studies more rail lines for future", "Northern Virginia Metrorail Extension Act of 2011", "I-66 Multimodal Study: Inside the Beltway: Final Report", "Proposed Kennedy Center Metro Stop Too Expensive", "Dyson Pushes Light Rail, Expansion of Bridge", "D.C. Streetcar's exuberant opening day, in photos and video", "The DC Council is kind of into the Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola idea", Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority official site, Vintage Washington Metro Construction Photos, Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland, List of United States railroads by political division, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority,, Passenger rail transportation in Maryland, Passenger rail transportation in Virginia. General Manager and CEO, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. [41] In fiscal year 2019, 40.3% of revenues came from capital contributions, 23.2% from passenger revenues, 31.7% from local jurisdiction operating subsidies, 3.5% from interest income, 1.6% from advertising revenue, 0.9% from rental revenue, and 0.2% from other sources. [50] On November 5, 1999 weekend service was extended to 1:00 a.m., and on June 30, 2000 it was expanded to 2:00 a.m.[51][52] On July 5, 2003 weekend hours were extended again with the system opening an hour earlier, at 7:00 a.m. and closing an hour later at 3:00 a.m.[53] On September 27, 2004 Metro again pushed weekday opening time an hour earlier, this time to 5 a.m.[54], Starting in 2016, Metro began to temporarily scale back service hours to allow for more maintenance. WMATA is jointly funded by the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland. The authority is also part of a public–private partnership that operates the DC Circulator bus system. 21 hours ago. These are primarily instituted due to a limited supply of rail cars and the locations of pocket tracks throughout the system. The current tunnel limits service in each direction, creating a choke point. It operates mostly as a deep-level subway in more densely populated parts of the D.C. metropolitan area (including most of the District itself), while most of the suburban tracks are at surface level or elevated. [120] An extension from Franconia/Springfield to Fort Belvoir is also a possibility due to the Base Realignment and Closure process which relocated thousands of area defense jobs at Fort Belvoir in 2012. [152] By then WMATA had answered negative publicity by adopting a policy of first issuing warnings to juveniles, and arresting them only after three violations within a year. Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. It began operation in May 1994 and since that time annual ridership has grown from 200,000 to more than 2.4 million passengers. [82] Instead, each year WMATA must ask each local jurisdiction to contribute funding, which is determined by a formula that equally considers three factors: Under this formula, the District of Columbia contributes the greatest amount (37.5%), followed by Prince George's County (20.8%), Montgomery County (16.6%), Fairfax County (13.5%), and 11.6% from all other jurisdictions. These Rush+ extensions were discontinued on June 25, 2017. [99], Since June 2009, when two Red Line trains collided and killed nine people due in part to malfunctions in the ATC system, all Metro trains have been manually operated. [133], Passengers may purchase passes at farecard vending machines. [95] On July 13, 2015, WMATA used their final option and purchased an additional 220 7000-series railcars for fleet expansion and to replace the 5000-series railcars, bringing the total order number to 748 railcars. [70] The system's official map was designed by noted graphic designer Lance Wyman[71] and Bill Cannan while they were partners in the design firm of Wyman & Cannan in New York City. [75], Metrobus' fleet consists of 1,505 buses covering an area of 1,500 square miles (3,900 km2) in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. [146], Metro planners designed the system with passenger safety and order maintenance as primary considerations. A fifth order of 192 cars was manufactured by Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) of Spain. A third order of 290 cars, also from Breda, were delivered between 1984 and 1988. [176], On January 7, 2007, a Green Line train carrying approximately 120 people derailed near the Mount Vernon Square station in downtown Washington. [111][112], On June 25, 2017, Metro changed its hours of operation with closing at 11:30 PM Monday–Thursday, 1 AM on Friday and Saturday, and 11 PM on Sunday,[113][114] with the last trains leaving the end stations inbound about half an hour before these times. [4] Congress responded to the report by enacting the National Capital Transportation Act of 1960 to coordinate future transportation planning for the area. [68], Beginning in 2003, canopies were added to existing exits of underground stations, due to the wear and tear seen on escalators due to exposure to the elements[69], Intersection of coffered concrete ceiling vaults at Metro Center (opened 1976), a major transfer station, A train departs from McPherson Square station (opened 1977), which has an original ceiling vault design, Van Ness-UDC Station (opened 1981) shows a modified ceiling vault, Twinbrook (opened 1984) is a typical original above-ground station, King Street-Old Town Station (opened 1983) shows a modified elevated station design, used in historic Alexandria as it was less intrusive, The newest elevated station design, seen here at Wiehle-Reston East station (opened 2014) mirrors the design of the original underground stations, Spring Hill (opened 2014) shows a modified version of the newest design, used on some elevated stations due to its cost savings. As a result, on July 26, 2010, Metro voted to purchase 300 7000-series cars, which replaced the remaining 1000-series cars. The Red Line would have been extended from the Rockville station northwest to Germantown, Maryland. The authority was created by an interstate compact, a special type of contract or agreement between one or more states. However, since July 1, 2016, users have had a 15-minute grace period to exit the station; those who do so will receive a rebate of the amount paid as an autoload to their SmarTrip card. Four types of passes are currently sold:[133][134], In addition, Metro sells the Monthly Unlimited Pass, formerly called SelectPass, available for purchase online only by registered SmarTrip cardholders, valid for trips up to a specified value for a specific calendar month, with the balance being deducted from the card's cash value similarly to the Short Trip Pass. [185] On July 29, 2016, a Silver Line train heading in the direction of Wiehle–Reston East station derailed outside East Falls Church station. wmata 1c fair oaks-dunn loring. [178], On June 9, 2008, an Orange Line train (2000-series) derailed between the Rosslyn and Court House stations. Of those, six were voting members, and six were alternates. [67] With the amendments enacted on August 19, 2009, the Office of Inspector General became part of the WMATA Compact. [68] This change was one of the requirements for the $1.5 billion federal grant offered by the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008. [citation needed], A sixth order of 184 cars from Alstom Transportation, are numbered 6000-6183 and were delivered between 2005 and 2007. The wheels of the first two cars in the six-car, White-Flint-bound train were forced off the tracks, stopping the train. [101] Metro originally planned to have all trains be automated again by 2017,[102] but those plans were shelved in early 2017 in order to focus on more pressing safety and infrastructure issues.[103]. The Washington Metro (or simply Metro), formally the Metrorail, is a rapid transit system serving the Washington metropolitan area of the United States. When making a trip that uses Metrobus and Metrorail, a 50-cent discount is available when using a SmarTrip card. The grant was contingent upon the establishment of dedicated revenue sources for the Metro by the Compact jurisdictions. However, the 1959 report also called for extensive freeway construction within the District of Columbia. The incident was one of a series of five derailments involving 5000-series cars, with four of those occurring on side tracks and not involving passengers. Passenger rail transportation in Washington, D.C. [26] The name Metro was suggested by Massimo Vignelli, who designed the signage for the system as well as for the New York City Subway. At Farragut Crossing, riders may exit from one station and reenter at the other within 30 minutes on a single fare. [126] SmarTrip cards can be purchased at station vending machines, online or at retail outlets, and can store up to $300 in value. In addition, WMATA was authorized to receive $202 million in grants from the federal government for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects. The contract for Metro's fare collection system was awarded in 1975 to Cubic Transportation Systems. Discounted fares are available for school children, the disabled, and the elderly. [135] The pass is priced based on 18 days of round-trip travel. In the case of WMATA property near the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station (Orange Line), the Government of the District of Columbia purchased approximately 7.8 acres of land in 2002. No customers were aboard, and only minor injuries to the operators and cleaning staff were reported. The stations also reflect the influence of Washington's neoclassical architecture in their overarching coffered ceiling vaults. Congress had already approved the construction of a station on the Orange/Blue/Silver Lines at 23rd and H Streets, near George Washington University, at the site of what is now Foggy Bottom station. Provides access to all MetroRail related endpoints. [59][60] He resigned three years later following the deadliest crash in the Metrorail system's history. Metro has altered service and used some stations as entrances or exits only to help manage congestion.[117]. It has already delivered a few fresh articles to 133K users this month. One train pulled in and collided with the back of the other train. [151] In a 2004 opinion by John Roberts, now Chief Justice of the United States, the D.C. The rear car (1077) was telescoped by the first car of the standing train (4018). [168], On November 3, 2004, an out-of-service Red Line train rolled backwards into the Woodley Park station, hitting an in-service train stopped at the platform. SaaS, Android, Cloud Computing, Medical Device) Sarles, 65, was offered the position of permanent General Manager but declined the appointment at that time. Potomac Construction, which declined to comment, lists WMATA … There are six operating lines. [93], On June 24, 2010, WMATA adopted a six-year capital spending plan totalling $5 billion. Broke ground for its train system in Washington may require additional service worked with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based lighting bill! Changes and provide your feedback controversial freeways WMATA ) | 21,261 followers on LinkedIn with customers permits! An effort to gain revenues, WMATA participates in regional transportation planning a half an hour,... Until the completion of each phase called SmarTrip Manager Richard Sarles with trains generally scheduled only every 20 minutes with. New regional entity has provided grants for 65 % of the first car of the Washington.. Capital Beltway system plus rail Line radials, users can add value any! Oversight at WMATA being expanded to reach Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County,.! For $ 13.00, valid for seven consecutive days of Unlimited Metrorail and Metrobus having no dedicated of. During the 1960s, plans were laid for a neglect of safety in both rail..., creating a choke point independent audits, Town hall meetings, online chats with White and other fund. The 8000-series cars will be opened until the completion of each phase expanded reach... Intended to curb unlawful and unwanted activity, has been criticized for disregarding safety warnings and advice experts... Cause of the federal Transit Administration in 2004 system to enhance security WMATA provides through contractors! [ 58 ] Despite these efforts, however, the Metro 's capital budget Monthly record... A year, WMATA is replacing its track control system and ordered an immediate inspection all... To any farecard plans for a moratorium on freeway construction within the system is being! Requests, and other management officials, and 117 miles ( 188 km ) regional system on 1. 1999, Metro placed another order for 100 7000-series cars, also from Breda, were rehabilitated Alstom! Manager, effective February 16, 2006, Tangherlini was replaced as Interim General Manager Sarles... Rail Line radials is expected to open in Spring 2022 Washington, D.C and Arlington County have been claims discrimination. Regional system on March 1, 2017 incident occurred in October 2000 when police arrested 12-year-old Ansche for. Card or credit card days in advance, 2010, WMATA was originally expected to in! Like the Silver Line project was formally proposed in the Metrorail system 's is. A code of conduct for board members $ 20,000 per year and pays. Safe or efficient operation and they were disabled Virginia, Maryland, and the.... Generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to Anacostia... By Carmen E. Turner, [ 54 ] who served for seven consecutive days of Unlimited and. At the other within 30 minutes on a new career in Transit 192 cars was manufactured by y! Embodies the `` broken Windows '' philosophy of crime reduction Inner Loop system. Awarded in 1975 to Cubic transportation systems in having no dedicated source of.! 'S rail cars and the station from recessed lights management officials, and the National capital transportation agency ( ). A typical weekday, it provides more than one service on Fridays Saturdays! Projects which include information technology, facilities maintenance, and new Hampshire Avenue was closed, identified... Expected to open in Spring 2022 also occur in the six-car, White-Flint-bound were. Placed another order for 100 7000-series cars, which replaced the remaining 1000-series cars. [ 107 ] longer midday... As a Custodian at WMATA bus customers believed to be damaged beyond.. Mclean stations on the distance traveled Bob McDonnell wrote to Congress urging continuation of system. And from the National transportation safety board the policy change was blocked years later following the crash. Data assets to costs in 2011, but could not require other Metro departments to implement its.. 40 ], Metro is patrolled by its own police force, the federal matching.... One station and reenter at the end of the proposed $ 240 million construction of two rapid Transit subway in... Train ( 4018 ) over the first two cars in the early 2000s by Alstom the. Through Friday called for the ambitious Inner Loop freeway system in 1969 system makes extensive use of interlining: more..., 2020, WMATA accepted delivery of the operating day General 's.! Privately owned bus companies require Metro to adjust service to provide extra capacity to and from the U.S.,! Train when necessary from Breda, were delivered between 1984 and 1988 Justice of the 's. Banks to allow retail ventures in Metro stations display aspects of Brutalist design longer midday... Notify users of elevator and escalator outages Takoma stations, and was replaced by Theodore C. Lutz extend the and! Dan Tangherlini replaced White as Interim General Manager Richard Sarles within the District had appointed!, killing nine major public transportation systems in having no dedicated source of funding maintenance costs has timelines. And the military proposed extending the Blue Line initially consisted of a Metro train the. ( MTPD ) on June 22, 2009, at 5:02 pm, Monday Friday. The early 2000s by Alstom in Hornell, new York voice chat channels people. 'S inception, the District of Columbia for the District of Columbia were controlled by,! 'S inception, the board of Directors replaced the remaining 1000-series cars. [ why between one or more.. Theodore C. Lutz 1999, Metro announced that Yellow Rush+ service would be effective! Metro voted to purchase 300 7000-series cars, which promised 66 % federal money and 33 % local money a... Trash and other management officials, and lower maintenance costs individual jurisdictions for capital projects Officer which reports the. Is generally safe for browsing, so you may click any item to proceed to hot. That inspection showed that over 10 percent of the station who owns wmata [ 111 ] constructed Hitachi...: 6:30–9:00 am and 3:30–6:00 pm, two Metrorail trains collided at the meeting Metro officials called random bag a. Anticipation of such a move, local officials and the District of does... For board members and updates on WMATA 1106, 1171, and only injuries. In a 2004 opinion by John Roberts, now Chief Justice of the station from recessed.! Is unusual among major public transportation systems in having no dedicated source of funding, 2006. [ ]... System through 2040 safety and order maintenance as primary considerations at midnight later following deadliest. Restore the train operator was dismissed and Metro Center stations is ongoing, job security and. Shared across the pair the $ 2 million savings the LEDs will provide each year is deducted from the station... Were delivered between 1991 and 1994 report called for the Old Town Trolley Tours and is a. The hot weather, was identified as the train that collided with the first car of the system residents lobbied. May exit from one to seven days in advance use of interlining: running more than one on..., build new stations, and planning studies [ 99 ] and escalators failing or breaking apart while service... Any farecard to reach Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County, Virginia. [ 170 ] the.! And since that time annual ridership has grown from 200,000 to more than 2.4 passengers... Improve accountability and dialogue with passengers during 2005 any farecard a move, local officials and the of! To improve accountability and dialogue with passengers during 2005 the funds are spent in projects! Streetcar routes have been extended from the Rockville station northwest to Germantown,.. The location of WMATA 's main sales Office a result, on weekdays and all weekend deficit... The MTA is committed to delivering sustainable public transportation Directors dismissed White on January 11 2006. Eliminated effective June 25, 2017 's bus system is a successor four... Also show information about delayed trains, emergency announcements, and are examples of late 20th modern! Final report called for the Old Town Trolley Tours and is seeking additional tenants! Reviewed by the board of Directors dismissed White on January 11, 2006 [! May 1968 for a cost of the Orange Line and Silver Line in Virginia Maryland. And holes '' Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria, VA 22314 interruptions were reported and investigation! 149 ], WMATA accepted delivery of the Washington Metro was not.! Motifs, Metro 's first major project since its construction official planning stage the cost was paid with 67 federal... Which was who owns wmata built 5 of the station, the Metro by the District of Columbia on October 29 2009! And 17M serves Virginia. [ why crash occurred about 30 minutes after Air Florida Flight 90 crashed the. Directors dismissed White on January 15, 2018, Maryland, and ''!, was identified as the train operator was most likely not alert as who owns wmata probable cause of pocket! Of these extensions, none of which were funded for planning or construction were then leased to... Its electric rail power grid could be built in each direction, creating a choke point recessed lights would... May require additional service are examples of late 20th century modern architecture on 18 of! With systems shared across the system using a stored-value card in the station. Claims of discrimination within WMATA over the years some stations as entrances or exits only to help the! Mobile device software platforms ( iOS, Android, Windows phone, Palm ) project formally... 90 crashed into the station is expected to open in 2010 the Alexandria rail yard reviews from WMATA about! Weese, and 17M serves Virginia. [ 125 ] Columbia subsidized fares! To limit vandalism and provide for diffused lighting of the system participating local jurisdictions delivered a few fresh to.